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Paula Ann Hiers Deen Groover. Born January 19, 1947 in Albany, Georgia. Wife of Michael Groover, mother of Bobby and Jamie Deen.

Sound like an obituary? Well, it kind of is. Paula Deen, princess of southern pastries, cut herself off at the brown sugar bowl when she simply spoke the truth. Unfortunately for her, the truth that the lawyers wanted was not the truth she told.

When asked if she’d used the word, “nigger”…lets just say it again, NIGGER, so we can get that out of the way and calm those who are made nervous by the thought of themselves being found out for using it in closed company. So P. Deeny was asked if she’d ever used the word “nigger” in her life… Let me see…a 66 year old southern woman from Georgia…has she ever…used…the word…nigger…………..

What the hell were they thinking?! Of course she’s used it. And her response was, “Absolutely!”. Now that’s when I spit out my caramel sweetened steamed milk. Not because she said it but because she was so filled with confederate ostentation that she didn’t think it was an issue to just state the truth…unsheathed.

I have to applaud her….not her stupidity and not her ignorance to her own prejudice but for her transparency. She has used the word, “NIGGER”. Now, don’t be confused, she ain’t the only one. There are many white Americans, both southern and from the north who continue to use the word in mixed company and others who feign compassion but use it in closed quarters.(Mitt Romney could learn a thing about closed quarter conversations…if you don’t know the wait staff, it ain’t closed!)

Paula Deen is a woman of a certain age…an age where the word was readily used by those in every area of her life, throughout her adolescence. It’s stupid for us to believe that she hadn’t used it. It’s stupid for us to be offended by her using and not by the Ted Nugent who all but called our POTUS a “Nigger” and many act like he’s such an outspoken patriot…he’s a racist. Case closed. And what about the good ole boy senators and congressman who still will do or say anything to get him out of office and make him out to be a demon…it’s not because he’s a democrat. We know why, they hate the idea of that…say it with me, “nigger” being in office.

On, lest we not forget to stupidity of the Food Network and Smithfield firing their cash cow, pardon me Ms. Deen. Most African Americans could. It care less a out Arnold southern woman using the word “Nigger” behind our backs, any more than we care about them using the word “colored” to our faces.

I’ve heard “colored”, “chinky eyed”, “wetback” and a sundry of other names so frequently, I let it fall off me like water off a wetback…I meant, a duck’s back. (Nervous laughter)

She’s not necessarily the smartest double chocolate cookie but I wouldn’t ever consider her a role model anyway. I wonder if the lawyer asked her if her sons use the “n-word” regularly in their lives today…I think we all know that answer.

Now,for me the issue that I find more humorous, is the whole whoopdeedoo about her wanting to throw a wedding reception for a brother that had black waiter…”slaves” dressed in white jackets. Oh Lord, where to start…this bitch is living in 1853 not 2013!!!

She just wants to go back to a gentler time..a more genteel time when people had manners and used proper etiquette and had slaves to fan them in the hot summer heat and to make them mint juleps. Is that so bad?!

What about the fact the the famous club/restaurant in New York City, 21, still has black lawn jockies otherwise their establishment. How about the number of southern homes in the Deep South that still have them? How about the continued use of the confederate flag by soooo many southerns and the continued excuse, “it’s just southern pride…”? No, no it’s not. It’s total disregard for the equality of a good number of citizens of this country. There’s no more need for Confederate Pride…the northern aggression was a winning aggression. You don’t get to be sad or miss that part of the past anymore than Germans get to miss the reign of the Third Reich…see were I’m going?

The truth of this PaulaGate is that we still live in a country that is new to equal treatment. A country that prefers to cover issues than deal with them. A country that pretends that there is no need for affirmative action yet refuses to standup for the equality of all.

Until we are all truly equal and we all UNDERSTAND that little fact, there will always be those who use the word, “Nigger”… Because they can.

I don’t believe that Paula Deen is a racist, in the way we usually think. She’s just a southern woman with blind southern pride.

Paula Deen will be back on TV before we know it, making buttered pancakes, buttered ham and brown sugar glazed corn. (Part of me hopes it’s on OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network!)

Tote that Butter!!! Lift that ham!!!

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